Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New Blog Address

And here we have the last big change to this blog... a new Blog Address. I know, I know, a royal pain to those so kind as to have me listed in their blog roll! I am sorry. I will ♥ you forever if you update it to add my new address: http://paradiseisbliss.blogspot.com/ and I swear to never change it again! Oh, and I guess if you are a follower you would need to re-follow at the new address as well.

Hope to see you all over there really soon!

~DC, now known as The Duchess of Cookies

Saturday, December 4, 2010


All decked out for the Holidays!!! I'm feeling glittery this season!

Ok, Ladies, help with my new pen name.... Since I've been known as DC for the past 3 years, do I need to keep those initials in my new name? I want something fun, Glam is a plus, and satirical humor is always welcome!

Let me know your ideas!

Here are a few of mine:

  • The Divine Mrs C.
  • Ginger (it's a redhead thing, and perfectly Glam... but no DC connection)
  • The Dark Lord Of Cookies (my nickname in my favorite Suzie Homemaker forum... not very glam but oh-so-fun!)
  • The Duchess of Cookies (though I think there may already be a blogger who goes by The Duchess)

  • The Dark Countess
  • DC (as is, no meaning)